About Me


Sharon "Slim" Brown

With over 25 years in Corporate America, training and mentoring others to be their best self, professionally, I have made the decision to embark on my journey "serving others" as a transformational speaker, trainer, author and coach.

My Training and Education begins with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology, Six Sigma Training - Green Belt, Emotional Intelligence Training (EQ), certified with The Les Brown Institute, Silver Member with the Black Speakers Network, a member of the Power Speakers Toastmasters Club and many other platforms of learning and developing.

I believe in continuous learning because when I learn I teach and when I teach others are learning.  Everyday is a new opportunity to become a better you!

As a young mother of 2 sons, things were a little different for me when they were growing up.  It was more about them and less about me and that was okay.  As a parent, you make sacrifices.  My boys are all grown up now and I am making it more about me.  Not because I am being selfish; but, because I am being selfless.  Building my legacy is all about them. 

The SLIM Effect

Savings Lives. Impacting Minds.  All it takes is one.  You never know what someone is going through.  Sometimes people just need to be supported.  Sometimes they just may need you to listen.  Imagine, being able to lift someone's spirits just by being present.

Supporting, Listening, Inspiring and Motivating are just a few ways we positively effect.  We believe in the power to love one self.  Self-Love Is a Marvelous thing!  However, not everyone gets to experience it.  When you don't love yourself, you're not at peace.  And, when you're not at peace you don't recognized the good in yourself.  Mark Sterling said, "If you want to soar in life, you must first learn to FLY.  First Love Yourself."  We encourage everyone to FLY!

Through Self-Love, you learn to be Strong, accept your weakness.  You learn to Love, you do not let your fears define you.  You learn to embrace your Intelligence, you do not let ignorance stop you from growing.  And most of all you learn that you Matter, you truly understand the significance of your insignificance.  True love is loving yourself.

I am Strong!  I am Loving!  I am Intelligent!  I Matter!

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